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  • Visual And Aural Memory

    “Sight and Sound, Those Twin Blessings of Mankind.” He who would develop a good memory must clearly understand what memory is, and the channels through which impressions are received. Memory can be classified under several different heads. There are many of these, but for practical purposes we shall discuss in this chapter, only the two […]

  • Memory As A Factor In Efficiency

    In the development of personal efficiency we find that practical memory-training is the most direct way to develop accuracy. In fact, a poor memory and inaccuracy generally go hand in hand. Important as the perceptive faculties are, they are of little value unless accompanied by a keen memory which records and retains all observations. It […]

  • Memory – Available Knowledge

    “‘Tis a pity that so much we learn we lose.” In determining how much a man really knows, his memory is the supreme test. It is the utility test, because no knowledge is useful, no learning has any practical applied value unless it can be remembered. It represents available knowledge. It is cash on hand. […]

  • Memory Training – A Common Sense Analysis Of Methods

    Now let us turn our attention to methods. Many inquiries come to me about good or bad memory courses. People see these systems continually advertised in the leading papers and magazines and they are anxious to know what ones would be good to follow. We have all grown more or less familiar with the striking […]

  • Facts And Fallacies Of Memory Training

    “Prove all things, hold fast that which is good.” We have seen in the preceding chapter, that poor memory is common, and that there is an almost universal need for practical memory training. Now what is the reason back of this condition? What is the underlying cause of so many weak memories? My answer is […]

  • Utilizing The Subconscious

    Yes, there is no lack of choice material for the conscious mind to work upon, nor is there lack of capacity in the subconscious storehouse to receive it. How can one best utilize the sub-conscious in our program of mental discipline? I use the word ” utilize ” advisedly, for no knowledge need ever be […]

  • Working Out Your Own Salvation

    It is not sufficient, in this volume merely to call attention to the condition; we must discover the cause for this alarming condition and point out the remedy. It shall be the office of succeeding chapters to do this, leaving the reader some-thing definite and tangible to work upon, assuming of course that he has […]

  • Mental Fitness

    The discipline which leads to mental fitness should be applied unceasingly to the conscious mind, nor should the subconscious be overlooked. The conscious mind thrives under a program of disciplinary exercise. Regular daily practice on the tests, drills, and exercises given here will bring highly satisfactory results. Not half-hearted practice, but careful concentrated conscientious practice […]

  • Mental Discipline

    “Hail, memory, hail! in thy exhaustless mine, From age to age unnumber’d treasures shineI Thought and her shadowy brood thy call obey, And Place and Time are subject to thy sway!” Most people are lazy mentally. They need mental discipline more than anything else in the world. Some admit it. As a training ground for […]

  • Dreams

    Dreams are another form of the unknown about this phase of the subconscious. Volumes have been written, but they all end with a question mark. So we may as well leave it to Freud to explore this region. As for the interpretation of the dream, we have had no lack of interpreters from the time […]

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