How To Study

And now I wish to tell you how to study. And under this heading we can apply all three of the secrets of memory which I have just outlined. How to study I What a crying need there is for more reliable, workable information on this point. My experience as a teacher during these past years has impressed me with the fact that the great majority of people do not know how to study. They do not know how to go at it. They have no definite intelligent system. They lack efficient ways and means of accomplishing the task. Consequently, they waste an inconceivable amount of precious time and energy and achieve only near success or perhaps record failure as the final result.

Here is a practical outline on how to study. There are six steps for you to follow, and if you get nothing else out of this course, if you will utilize these six steps you will say the course has been worth a hundred fold more than it cost you in time and effort. Take your notebook and jot down these steps and concentrate on them as your memory test for the coming week.

First—Read carefully the lesson or paragraph to be mastered, giving it full, concentrated attention, and hold the purpose in mind to retain it on one reading.

Second—Close the book and close the eyes and see how much you can recall of what has been read. This tests the memory and calls attention to what is missing.

Third—Read aloud the lesson and watch for the ideas, lines, or words you failed to grasp on the first reading.

Fourth—Close the book and test the memory, by writing down the point or ideas word for word accurately if you wish to remember by rote, or an outline of the ideas if you are using the logical memory.

Fifth—Read again aloud and note the for-gotten points, and jot them down as you go along. In this way by writing and speaking you use both the aural and visual faculties and secure the double impression on your memory tablets.

Sixth—Close the book and test again and then if necessary repeat steps five and six. “Ad infinitum.”

Now for -the average person, or in fact even for a weak memory, these six steps are ample. In fact, many of you will find that the first four steps will be sufficient and by and by the first two steps will be all that are necessary, but at first many of you will need all of the six steps. I have known a great many students who have faithfully utilized this plan for study, and the results have been satisfactory, so I know this plan will work if you will work it.

You will note that step four refers to both Rote and Logical memory. Keep clearly in mind that both are necessary. Have you a desire to study? You have all heard the old, old saying, “Where there is a will, there is away.” I think I have shown you the way. It remams for you to supply the will.






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