Category: Memory

  • Working Out Your Own Salvation

    It is not sufficient, in this volume merely to call attention to the condition; we must discover the cause for this alarming condition and point out the remedy. It shall be the office of succeeding chapters to do this, leaving the reader some-thing definite and tangible to work upon, assuming of course that he has […]

  • Visual And Aural Repetition

    And now we come to another working principle, which we have already considered, the principle of repetition. This is especially important if you wish to retain the new names you gain from day to day. After getting the name, it is necessary for you to deepen the impression if you wish to recall it instantly […]

  • Utilizing The Subconscious

    Yes, there is no lack of choice material for the conscious mind to work upon, nor is there lack of capacity in the subconscious storehouse to receive it. How can one best utilize the sub-conscious in our program of mental discipline? I use the word ” utilize ” advisedly, for no knowledge need ever be […]

  • Logical Vs. Rote Memory

    “All my faults observed, set in a notebook learned and conned by Rote.” Glory-training in ill repute with some educators is the fact that many so-called systems deal with Rote memory only. This, of course, is a very narrow and limited view of the subject. It has already been pointed out that in this book […]

  • Remembering Dates And Figures

    The question is often asked, how can I remember dates and *figures 7 Most students learn them by Rote, using frequent repetition. If they would use visualization in this connection the task would be far easier. For instance, the date of the Emancipation Proclamation can be pictured with Lincoln writing the date under the words. […]

  • The Three Secrets Of Memory

    “The drudge may fret and tinker—or hammer with dusty blows, but back of him stands the Thinker—the clear-eyed man who knows.” In the beginning of this course I made the statement, “There is no royal road to a good memory, but there is a way.” In the preceding chapters I have tried to show you […]

  • Factors In Keeping Young

    Unquestionably, mental training with the resultant buoyancy and alertness helps to keep one young, while mental indifference or laziness. tends to make one old. Most people fear old age, and hate to see it coming on. One thing which makes it so dreaded is the fear of failing mental powers. And when memory begins to […]

  • How To Study

    And now I wish to tell you how to study. And under this heading we can apply all three of the secrets of memory which I have just outlined. How to study I What a crying need there is for more reliable, workable information on this point. My experience as a teacher during these past […]

  • Memory In Public Speaking

    “His was a memory of tremendous grasp—facts and figures. – anecdote and epigram—classic lines and immortal verse—all came trouping forth when memory beckoned, to be marshaled for the delight of his audience, through the medium of melodious speech.” In this age of the world, almost every one is liable to be called upon to make […]

  • Public Speaking Requires Concentration

    Especially would I urge upon the speaker the importance of concentration. If there is any-thing under the sun that requires the full concentration of every faculty a man possesses, of every ounce a man has in him that thing is Public Speaking. In his big hour before his audience, or his little moment, as the […]